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What is Orthotics?

Orthotics are orthopedic devices designed to treat or adjust various biomechanical foot disorders. They may be simple, commercially made devices, such as cushioned heel cups or insoles for shoes. These are sold over-the-counter in drug stores or other retail establishments. The best orthotics, however, are custom-tailored devices specifically crafted to meet the needs of a particular individual. This is done by making an impression of the foot called a cast. The impressions in the cast duplicate any misalignments in the foot. Specialists in an orthotic laboratory can then correct the misalignments with compensation and stabilization techniques. The finished orthotic is then placed in the patient's shoe and helps keep the foot in proper alignment. Depending upon the patient's needs, the orthotic may have padding to cushion the foot against the weight of the body.

How Is an Orthotic Made?

While orthotics can be made by several different processes, most physicians prefer to make a plaster cast of the patient's foot. This is called a negative impression. The cast is sent to a laboratory with a prescription for recommended modifications. At the lab, a positive cast is made by pouring plaster into the negative cast. When this dries, it forms a perfect reproduction of the bottom of the foot. Using the physician's recommendations for corrections, the lab technicians custom-mold an orthotic that incorporates the necessary adjustments. This will provide the patient with the support, stability, cushioning and alignment necessary to keep his or her , ankles and lower body comfortable, healthy and pain-free.

Warren Hagen CO, BOCO, C.PED, PTA

Owner and operator, Warren Hagen was born in Sauk Centre, MN and raised on a local dairy farm in Kandiyohi County. Warren attended Brooten High School and graduated in 1988. Following graduation, he enlisted in the armed forces as a military policeman. He was stationed in Germany and became certified as a Senior Customs Inspector and in 1992 a nationally certified as a Emergency Medical Ambulance Technician, which began his career in the health field. He served in Operation Desert Storm, and with the 66th Military Police in Saudi Arabia, Iraq andWarren Hagen Kuwait.

Following his tour of duty, Warren returned to Minnesota and attended Ridgewater College in Willmar for two years and to Anoka Hennepin Tech and Anoka Ramsey Technical College for a Physical Therapist Assistant degree (1996). Following his completed internships, Warren spent four years in the Physical Therapy Department at Rice Hospital, Rice Care Center and Rice Out-Patient Clinic in Willmar, MN. During this period, Warren continued to attend college to further his education.

Warren became certified as an Orthotist and Pedorthist. He then began working in the field at Hanger O&P in St. Cloud, MN. As an Orthotist and Lab Manager, he was provided a great opportunity to expand his clinical knowledge.
Since that time, he has taken the opportunity to return to his hometown area and open an office in Willmar, MN: Hagen Orthotics and Prosthetics. He manages and operates the facility independently.

Warren’s goal is to provide the community with friendly and quality service locally in the orthotics and prosthetic area. He currently lives on the original Hagen farm in the rural New London area.

About Us

Hagen Orthotics and Prosthetics

Hagen Orthotics building

Hagen O&P provides patients with the most comfortable and functional O&P devices, as well as hip, knee, ankle, foot, and upper limb orthoses. Hagen O&P, is prepared to provide patients with the quality care they deserve. Unlike many of the large, national chains of prosthetic and orthotic providers, our privately owned and operated facility is focused on quality products and excellent service. We maintain an on-site fabrication laboratory at our Willmar facility, which allows our practitioners to retain full control over the design, fabrication and fitting process.


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