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self care for products

Most of the products are made with materials that can be carefully cleaned with mild soap and water. If the material is of a acrylic or plastic it can also be wiped off with a small amount of alcohol on a clean cloth. Another great item is a alcohol wipe, used daily to keep the brace clean.

Foam/soft collar, must be hand washed with mild soap and water. To dry, lay flat.

Body Jacket, wipe off as described above.

Leather ankle orthosis, should be cleaned regularly with a solution of 1/2 alcohol and 1/2 water using a clean cotton towel. Do not quicken the drying time with external heat source. Towel dry or allow to dry slowly at room temperature. Use a quality shoe cleaner and conditioner on the outside of the orthosis. Talcum powder will help prevent odors.

preventative care

#1: A daily routine of skin care is very important, because it helps to prevent skin problems. Areas in direct contact with the orthosis may require more frequent cleansing. Also note generous rinsing ensures removal of all lather since dried soap irritates the skin. Skin should be completely dry before wearing an orthosis.

#2: Follow self care for products to keep the orthosis clean to prevent bacteria build-up and skin irritation.

#3: Always wear a type of cotton or similar material as a median between the orthosis and your skin. Such as a T-Shirt under a body jacket, or an athletic sock under an ankle brace. At the office we have a number of materials that may be necessary to assist with preventing irritations to the skin. Such as X-Static seamless socks to provide a seam-free anatomical fit, healthier foot environment, and a anti-microbial area.

#4: If there should be any questions not answered in this text, feel free to email or call us. hagenoandp@yahoo.com or 320-222-3260


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