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What are functional foot orthotics?

Functional foot orthotics are customized rigid or semi-rigid devices inserted into shoes that place the foot in a more functional position. It allows the foot to strike the ground more efficiently while adding more stability. Foot orthotics relieve pressure points, support the foot more effectively and assure proper alignment of the feet, ankles, knees, and legs. In addition to enhancing performance and increasing energy, foot orthotics reduce the risk of injuries.

How often should I change my running shoes?

Most sports doctors conclude that running shoes should be replaced every 200-400 miles, as the materials which supply shock absorption and stability, wear out.

My feet always seem to be extremely extra warm and it seems that nothing cools them down. I do a lot of standing in one place do to my position in retail. What remedies or suggestions do you have for me?

The burning foot symptoms can be due to various etiologies, including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, neuropathy, pernicius enemia, etc. I would recommend you discuss this with your family physician, internist, orthopedist, podiatrist, etc. Any remedy would obviously be based on a specific diagnosis.  

I am a weight trainer and 56 years young. I have been diagnosed with a neuroma in my left foot and also developing in my right foot. I have been given orthotics. Will the orthotics cure this problem without surgery? Do you specialize in problems such as this? This condition is getting worse for me.

Typically, a neuroma may be caused by a mechanical problem or an abnormality in the gait cycle. I am not certain whether a functional foot orthotic will cure a neuroma in your foot. However, a functional foot orthotic can provide relief or drastically reduce or eliminate the pain caused from such a problem. Surgery may be the last resort or even a necessary option when the problem has become such that it is warranted. Even though surgery is often used to remove a painful neuroma, a functional foot orthotic is often prescribed to create the proper mechanics of the foot and to prevent any future developments or reoccurrences.

I am looking for a product to help with a problem I am having with my shoes, despite the doctor-prescribed orthotics (dress and casual) that I have. My shoes wear badly down on one side: the left side on the left and the outside right on my right side. Do you have any product that might address that?

It is not abnormal to wear down your shoes slightly on the outside of your heels. Most people strike the ground normally on the outside of the heel. We call this motion supination. It is the first phase in the gait cycle. However, an abnormal strike pattern can lead to increased wear of the shoe. The job of the functional foot orthotic is to help control the mechanical forces in the foot. This can help reduce the wear in the shoe. But when the shoes show significant wear it is probably time to be fitted with new footwear. Shoes will wear and compress depending on the frequency of usage and do need to be replaced. The other consideration is that the orthotic prescription may need to be reevaluated. If the orthotic is not adequately controlling the mechanical forces in your feet, then this can lead to problems as well. It is hear that you should consult with you physician.